A little impromptu announcement

Bishop Grosseteste University is looking to try out something different with regard to peer-to-peer networking and the ways in which we approach business relationships. Please find below the invitation to participate, and we look forward to hearing back from you!

Networking with a Difference

Bishop Grosseteste University would like to invite you to join our new ‘Peer to Peer’ Lincoln Networking Group.

We are looking for a select group of local individuals from different SME sectors who want to have a more in-depth networking experience, by discussing and working on their current and predicted business problems and hurdles with other like-minded individuals.

Peer to Peer networking can offer business leaders some dedicated time each month for some blue-sky thinking and can provide a powerful social learning environment.

The networking meeting would be held once a month and once discussions were underway, BGU would endeavour to bring in speakers from different backgrounds who could engage on the topics discussed. This we feel could lead to some stimulating debate in the group and really add value to those business ideas/activities/growth proposals being discussed. Peer to Peer networking can also open up collaboration opportunities for future projects and even joint promotional/fundraising/tendering ventures.

We would like to pilot this initiative in May, June and July 2020 with the aim that the core networking group would run from September 20–July 21 meeting every month except December 2020.

The free sessions would be hosted in the Lincolnshire Open Research and Innovation Centre (LORIC) near Bailgate and would be run every third Thursday of the month from 6pm – 7.30pm. Refreshments will be provided.

If you this is of interest to you:

If you feel that you could benefit from this type of networking, then we would really like to hear from you. Please could you express your interest, just by dropping us a line at loric@bishopg.ac.uk, and then we will be in touch when we have a small group of people to confirm further details.

Organised by CELT

4th February 2020