4th September 2019

The LORIC project took its time to get going, but after an intervention from its awesome team, we have rounded off our first chapter with great results, hitting 7 of its 9 targets and over-performing on 5 of them.

Hours of high-impact support: 858.75

De Minimis Aid delivered: £48090.00

De Minimis Aid delivered: €53,071.69

Number of Companies Engaged Directly: 39

Of which:

28 Micro businesses

6 Small businesses

5 Medium businesses

Outputs achieved:

P2: Renovation of 635m2 of a public building

C1: 34 companies received 12 hours of support

C4: 32 of which received over 12 hours of support

C5: 5 of the supported companies were new entrants to the market

C8: 4.5 workplaces were created (reportedly) following the intervention

C25: 17 researchers work in improved facilities

C26: 4 collaborations between business and academia have been nurtured successfully

C28: 8 new products and services were introduced to market

C29: 10 new products and services were introduced to the beneficiary company

Digitization: Approximately 20,000 records were digitized in the last 3 months of the project

Events: Approximately 200 people attended our free events

Total Enquiries Received: 146

Number of Established Businesses Supported for 1 hour or more: 180

Combined Turnover of Businesses Supported: £37,136,334

Combined Number of Employees of Businesses Supported: 475.92

Most Common Reason beneficiaries got in touch: Digital and Technology Support

Most Represented Industry among beneficiaries: Health and Care

Performance against expectations:

Results also available at our CKAN website.

Exciting times are ahead. Stay tuned for more!