One of our beneficiaries explains what her business can offer individuals, and how it can affect people.

Hypnotherapy seems to have a bit of a strange reputation, there are some odd bods within the field who like to wear capes, weird shirts and promote a left-field approach. There are also the hypnotherapists who prefer a clinical, evidenced based approach. I come from the latter school of thought, I have never had people acting like a chicken or trying to lap dance me, well not in a hypnotherapy session anyway!

Hypnotherapy is like a guided meditation with a specific goal in mind, e.g. to affect change, release trauma, reduce anxiety or reduce pain, whatever is required. Hypnotherapy is such a versatile method of therapy, that it can almost be tailored to anything and anyone, giving clients and therapists great flexibility in addressing concerns.

A client recently said that she loves coming to my sessions as she does not have to regurgitate, relive or unpick her experience. She just sits and relaxes, while I talk away to her, her mind does the work while her thinking and perception change.

A common misconception is that hypnotherapists can see inside you head, or they can change things that you might not want to change. This is completely incorrect, as our minds can be very stubborn – getting it to stop thinking at ridiculous o-clock or trying to think of an answer which is on the tip of your tongue. A hypnotherapy session involves a therapist guiding your thoughts, however, it is your mind which creates the images and gives you the answers.

I may never know what the answers are, unless you tell me what you have seen or if I ask specific questions, with your permission of course. Hypnotherapy offers a solution focused approach, rather than a psychoanalytical approach. Hypnotherapy may reveal the root cause of an issue, which can then be tackled either in therapy or not, dependant on what you decide to do with that information and how it is affecting you.

Hypnotherapy works so well for people in business, due to its rapid nature. As soon as we begin the therapy you are relaxing, de-stressing and giving your brain an opportunity to file and sort images, conversations and experiences. There is a common misconception nowadays that we are all robots- which we are not, and we can only go at a superfast pace for so long. How many times have you gone on leave and then come down with an illness? This demonstrates that we often run ourselves on our borrowed energy.

In the UK, we tend to have a reactive approach to our mental health and wellbeing, we ignore it until we break. But we do this at our peril, because when we break, we then need to re-build up again. Taking a proactive view of our mental health really allows us to achieve our potential.

I do what I do today because of my own experiences and overcoming difficulties in my life through a greater understanding of the brain, hypnotherapy and mindfulness. Sharing these approaches to managing our minds is intrinsic to what I do, its key at moving people forwards, releasing trauma, negative habits and emotions.

If you saw the ‘old people’s home for 4-year olds’, this show demonstrated perfectly that you can change every aspect of your life, your cognitive, mental and physical health, as these are all connected and affect each other. You just have to change your life and do something different. Hypnotherapy and mindfulness change your brain and can provide you with an excellent springboard to achieve whatever you set your mind to. In the words of the great Albert Einstein, “the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”

Tara Foulkes

Msc. DypHyp MBPsS

07859 907963

Tara is running a day of hypnotherapy events at LORIC at the beginning of this year. These are small group sessions costing £20 each, each session includes education for your conscious mind and a hypnotherapy for your unconscious mind. These take place on 24th January 2019:

9am – Coping with change

10.30am – Stress relief

1.30pm – Improve your communication and public speaking

3pm – Reduce overwhelm and increase motivation

Please contact Tara directly or book on via Eventbrite.