Since 2017, the Lincolnshire Open research and Innovation Centre has been supporting businesses to access the information that they need to grow and develop.

We have supported more than 160 business with their journeys to starting up, growing, developing, innovating and scaling up, so we wanted to share how we have done this with various business types and sectors.

LORIC Support for B2B organisations.

Over the course of various projects, LORIC has provided research and data analysis support to many businesses that provide services for other organisations. These include coaches, consultants, HR advisers, IT providers, financial advisers, and networking opportunity providers.

How have we helped?

  • Researching the current market for specific services and exploring future trends
  • Conducting competitor analyses and comparing them with a businesses’ current offer
  • Interpreting Google Analytics data
  • Developing data collection systems
  • Analysis of in-house data.

Examples of projects undertaken:

  • Using Google Analytics data to understand the behaviour of visitors to the business’s website or to find out which social media platform is performing the best.
  • Creating surveys to gather insights from current or prospective audiences.
  • Creating market reports on subjects from anaerobic digestion right though to zany wedding venues.
  • Creating a business plan on a page
  • Researching new audiences and customer segments
  • Using data to support planning and business strategy.

If your B2B business could do with a boost, you may be eligible to receive FREE support via one of our UK Shared Prosperity Fund projects.

Funding is currently in place for businesses based in North East Lincolnshire, East Lindsey, Boston and South Holland. To check eligibility and to let us know what your business would like support with, please complete one of our short forms, and we will be in touch.

If you would like to view instances of our work alongside B2B businesses, please view our Case Studies Page.




“LORIC have made such a difference to my business. The most significant impact though, was the research survey; over 900 people completed it, and it has given me some brilliant insights into my service offering (plus a database of contacts!)”.

Dawn Spear
Owner, Just Great HR (LORIC 2.0 Project Beneficiary)

“I have to say every drop of the process with the LORIC has been exemplary, the focus, commitment, and enthusiasm not to mention the professional and efficient work from the team throughout.”

Emma Olivier-Townrow
Founder of The Business Creative (LORIC 2.0 Project Beneficiary)