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Why study History at BGU?

Our specialism in social and cultural history marks us out as different to most history degree courses. You are encouraged to study the past with empathy, to see the past from different, sometimes challenging, perspectives.

Small class sizes and an intimate campus sat in the heart of historic Lincoln enable you to find your individual voice as a historian.

This course will utilise long-established, experienced contacts to take you beyond the classroom on educational visits and work placements, within Lincoln and further afield.

Studying History at BGU enhances your employability by focusing on critical thinking and analytical skills, professional writing and the art of constructing persuasive arguments.

Why study Military History at BGU?

Alongside studying the history of warfare, you’ll also investigate and examine the many social and cultural impacts of conflict.

Lincolnshire is known as ‘Bomber County’ for its RAF heritage and role during the Second World War, making it a perfect and unique place to study military history.

You will be inspired by research active lecturers within the classroom and beyond by learning about military history on location at a range of historic military sites from battlefields to secret Cold War bunkers.

Important employability skills feature throughout the course with a strong focus on developing independent research skills and the ability to construct and defend thought provoking arguments

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