If your business has a product or service that you think is great, it’s really helpful to know if your customers think it is great too. Customer feedback can be a valuable asset to help to provide evidence to support business decisions, to help to identify strengths to shout about (and weaknesses that you may want to address).

If your business could benefit from gaining an insight into its consumer base, but you are not sure how best to go about it, LORIC can support in a range of ways.

Consumer feedback surveys – LORIC can help you to develop customer surveys that give you the responses you need. We can conduct surveys on your behalf or advise you how best to conduct them yourselves and how to embed them into your business strategy.

Interviews – Can provide a rich source of information on what your customers, or potential customers in your target market, think.

Focus groups - Give the opportunity to provide detailed information on the views of several consumers at once, with the added benefit that they have the chance to bounce their ideas off one another.

If you think that your business could benefit from greater consumer insights, contact the LORIC Team at loric@bishopg.ac.uk. If your business is an SME and operates in the Greater Lincolnshire areas, you may be eligible for the LORIC 2.0 project which provides FREE data support for local businesses. You can express an interest in this project here.

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