What is the business?

The People Mentor is a micro-business started in 2015, by entrepreneur Nicola Richardson. Its focus is on providing leadership and management mentoring and coaching support for SME owners.


Nicola wanted to draw upon her Chartered Management Institute membership and qualifications, and previous 33 years in operational and project leadership to help other business owners develop and improve their organisations. She thereby set up a consultancy company in 2015 and works to transform small employers into high-performing teams with practical tools and techniques.

How did LORIC help?

LORIC supported Nicola with some marketing insights to help extend her membership offer further. Through her involvement with LORIC, Nicola received feedback through a qualitative primary research activity, competitor analysis and analytics data on the performance of her website. This was further supported with a focus group activity which examined key areas of Nicola’s website and this was pivotal in assisting Nicola with improving her messaging online.

Plans for the future

Following contact with LORIC, Nicola has revamped her website from the feedback received. Nicola has used the insight gained to develop her online membership further and expand its offering.

Find out more about the People Mentor here: thepeoplementor.co.uk

Download the case study here.

The insight gained from the analysis, survey and focus group created website changes to make it simpler for the ideal client to understand what The People Mentor does. It also really helped me focus my membership offering. A real bonus using this service.

Nicola Richardson
The People Mentor