What is the business?

Emma Olivier-Townrow provides freelance project management and business development support across hospitality, heritage, creative and education businesses across Lincolnshire. Providing bespoke consultancy to clients with innovation, growth and customer care at the heart of her delivery.


Emma Olivier-Townrow formed the Business Creative in 2020 due to a range of requests to take on consultancy contracts. With a successful career in education and business development, spanning 3 decades in Lincolnshire, Emma’s vast business networks and passion for business innovation whilst embedding robust customer care strategies, ensure increased prosperity for any business engaging with her service.

How did LORIC help?

The LORIC have provided essential research and data management services, both key to strong business planning, market research and most importantly in understanding the customer and often the client’s needs. The LORIC have created qualitative research surveys and collated the data which has then been presented in a relevant and succinct report to inform Emma’s project work with Visit Lincoln and The West End Tap. The dedicated support has provided vital evidence for driving innovation, change and growing new business markets.

Plans for the future

The Business Creative formed through a drive and passion for business growth fuelled by the power of creative thinking and the significant successes achieved when truly valuing the customer. Passionate about the quality of provision in Lincolnshire and how we harness our very unique offer within the UK economy, the Business Creative aims to build quality, increase inclusivity, sustainability and growth agendas through a rapidly growing portfolio of consultants and business services. The Lincolnshire network of SMEs deserves the very best support, as they prepare for the exponential growth across all sectors of business, the spotlight is firmly on the county. With focus also on expanding the county’s creative and cultural offer, the Business Creative are open to discuss clients' needs, and always with a great cup of locally supplied tea or coffee too.

Contact the Business Creative at: getbusinesscreative@gmail.com

I have to say every drop of the process with the LORIC has been exemplary, the focus, commitment, and enthusiasm not to mention the professional and efficient work from Linette and the team throughout, is beyond impressive. I am very grateful, and I certainly will work hard to make sure as many people I know learn about your superb work. Thank you, Linette, and the LORIC, you have made a huge difference to my projects.

Emma Olivier-Townrow
Founder of The Business Creative