What is the business?

Mary Jane Fountain is a Fine Artist based in Lincoln. She specialises in semi-abstract paintings that suggest the ‘potentiality’ of our reality based on quantum physics.

She also produces collections of art based on mythology and fairy tales, as well as more figurative countryside related artwork.

Mary Jane has previously worked as a Fine Artist in the Republic of Ireland and moved to Lincoln in 2021. She is a Fine Art student at the University of Lincoln and has recently exhibited at the Blue Room at the Lawn. She is booked to exhibit at the Agora Gallery in New York in 2023. She aims to develop her Fine Art sales as well as her paintings based on folklore and mythology, and on wildlife and the countryside.

How did LORIC help?

LORIC conducted research into suitable exhibition spaces in London to rent and into relevant funding opportunities. They have also helped to develop a Business Model Canvas to detail all aspects of the business proposition, including Fine Art, Fairy tales, Countryside art and merchandise. The team have also digitised some of her art works for use online. Mary Jane is currently displaying some of her art-work in the LORIC building.

Plans for the future:

Following support from LORIC, Mary Jane is applying for an Arts Council Grant to support her work and is building up her portfolio of art-work in readiness to approach other galleries in London through her intended solo exhibition in 2023/4.

“Kay has been a huge help, she’s not only created research to help me plan a solo exhibition in London, but she’s also directed me towards potential art funding outlets and provided several useful local introductions”.

Mary Jane Fountain