What is the Business?

Lincolnshire Action Trust has worked in Lincolnshire and the surrounding areas since 2000 to reconnect individuals involved in the criminal justice system with their communities.


Lincolnshire Action Trust’s work is focused on the care, resettlement and rehabilitation of individuals involved in the criminal justice system and those at risk of offending as well as the welfare of their families and dependants. They aim to provide training opportunities and key life skills to individuals, helping to find work and somewhere to live, and provide the support necessary to continue their rehabilitation. LAT’s vision is that all individuals involved in the criminal justice system should be treated with respect, empowered to achieve their full potential and given equality of opportunity. They design and deliver a range of interventions to support this vision.

How did LORIC help?

Lincolnshire Action Trust had Data Audit and Stakeholder Mapping workshops for two of their initiatives - the Departure Lounge and Young Oasis projects. Summary reports with actions were provided for each of these sessions. Demographic information was provided to Lincolnshire Action Trust with regards to Ethnicity, Nationality, and Deprivation in Greater Lincolnshire. Lastly, a Social Return on Investment report and infographic were provided to Lincolnshire Action Trust for the Departure Lounge. These showcased and communicated the wider community and economic benefits of the project which could be used for engaging with funders/wider stakeholders.

Plans for the future

The models that LORIC developed will continue to be used within both projects to ensure robust data is collated and analysed going forward. This will be used to evidence impact to current and potential future funders to ensure services can be sustained to benefit individuals across Lincolnshire. The approach to data collection developed will also be mapped across to other services that LAT delivers.

As a small charity, LAT does not have internal data analysts, therefore the collaboration with LORIC has been hugely beneficial to help us evidence impact of our services.

Lincolnshire Action Trust