What is the business?

Herbs of Grace is a business that manufactures and sells herbal supplements through an e- commerce website www.herbsofgrace.co.uk. It supports people to adopt a proactive natural approach to leading a healthy life by offering a range of supplements, tinctures and capsules for a vast array of health issues (mental health, gut health, immunity, improved cardio and specific needs relating to men’s and women’s health).


Herbs of Grace was created more than 20 years ago by an herbal practitioner to supply medicines to other practitioners and their patients. After changing hands a few times, it was bought by Lorraine Bellis at the end of 2019. Now the focus of the business is to manufacture and sell herbal supplements that support people who are trying to improve their overall health by considering diet and lifestyle choices. The range of products on offer supports the pillars of a healthy lifestyle, including gut health, stress, and sleep.

How did LORIC help?

LORIC supported Herbs of Grace by providing data on herbalist shops in Lincolnshire and Northern Ireland, Yoga retreats, women’s networking groups and complementary therapists that Lorraine can promote her business offer to and potentially partner and explore opportunities with. LORIC also delivered various bespoke workshops which have been supplemented with summary reports and action plans. Herbs of Grace also had some primary qualitative survey work undertaken, as well as a targeted focus group activity which looked at people’s perceptions of taking supplements as well as gathering some insights into Lorraine’s marketing collateral.

Plans for the future

Herbs of Grace have plans to review their existing product range and to respond to the latest science in the field of herbal supplements as they develop the product range further. Alongside this, they plan to respond to the data provided by LORIC, and this will inform their marketing data collection in the future.

It’s been a fantastic experience to work with Linette Wallace and LORIC. The support has been invaluable, the reports have brought areas of the business into sharp focus.

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Herbs of Grace
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