What is the business?

Hanworth Country Park is an idyllic holiday & fishing park in Potterhanworth, Lincolnshire. With a history that goes back as far as 1931, the site has had many iterations over the years. Right now, Hanworth offers a range of wonderful visitor experiences, from day visits to luxury camping for all ages.


Given the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic to the sector, Hanworth Country Park was looking for market insights to help with their future planning. After a recommendation from another LORIC beneficiary, they reached out to the team to ask whether there was some open data that could inform their decision-making for the future.

How did LORIC help

Using publicly available and open data, LORIC was able to pull together a market report for Hanworth Country Park, which examined past trends in the visitor economy, particularly around self-serviced accommodation, and offered a consolidated overview of the most prominent predictions for the future of the industry. The report contained information about the supply and demand for self-serviced accommodation in Greater Lincolnshire, past and future trends, and what is likely to influence visitors moving forward. The report was rounded off with some suggestions for future reading, as well as grants and loans that Hanworth Country Park might consider applying for to support their future planning.

Check out Hanworth Country Park's website here: https://www.hanworthcountrypar...

The report that has been complied is of enormous value to us. It will play a major part in our decision making for the future plans for the park. We cannot thank you Katya enough for her valuable insights and patience throughout the process.

Claire Williams
Sales and Operations Director