What is the business?

Every-One is a Lincolnshire-based charity that supports unpaid carers and the people they care for. They believe everyone should be in charge of their own health and wellbeing, and support both those in ill-health and their carer in achieving this. The social enterprise provides a range of projects and services to assist carers, while teaching them the importance of looking after their own wellbeing along with those they are caring for.


Previously known as the Lincolnshire Carers and Young Carer’s Partnership (LCYCP), Every-One has a long history of supporting unpaid carers both strategically and operationally. As well as advising Lincolnshire County Council on carer services, they run a range of projects to support unpaid carers and ensure they are taking care of themselves as well as their loved ones. These include projects such as mental health training programme Connect 5 and their Short Break Caravan project, a scheme that provides holidays for families with children suffering from a range of disabilities and conditions.

Elderly lady smiling

How did LORIC help?

Every-One contacted LORIC for assistance with their Carers and Employment project, a scheme that encourages small to medium-sized businesses to support employees who are juggling paid employment with unpaid caring responsibilities. Using open data as the basis of the calculations, the tool visualises the negative monetary impact that not aiding carers has on a business.

LORIC team member Katya Bozukova’s extensive data knowledge and research skills, combined with Every-One’s awareness of the care sector turned out to be a winning formula, with the calculator providing Every-One with the figures to prove that supporting unpaid carers in the workplace isn’t only morally sound, but good business sense. The calculator is also unique in the industry, and Every-One hopes their success with the tool will inspire similar organisations to produce their own version.

Plans for the future

Every-One now plans to use the calculator to show the value of supporting unpaid carers in their careers, as well as incorporating it into discussions with businesses and for training sessions. They also aim to bring the calculator to national attention, as a ground-breaking way to highlight the pros of supporting carers in the workforce.

Download the Every-One Case Study