What is the Business?

Dance Free CIC facilitates free-movement activities held at varying beautiful locations in nature across Lincolnshire. It is a mindful experience moving and connecting to the body through the music.


Dance Free is a weekly free-movement dance held at varying beautiful locations in nature across Lincolnshire. Dance Free is also offered as a Well-Being activity for organisations and as a ‘High on Life’ experience for parties. The events are a fun and welcoming space. The session starts with short, facilitated guidance into movement to help you move into your comfort zone, drop into your body and away from your thoughts and then the rest is free movement to music through a journey of ambient, euphoric and soulful beats in a mix of genres. Using silent disco headsets for an immersive music experience. Everyone is welcome - anyone can participate, regardless of age, gender or ability. No experience is necessary.

How did LORIC help?

Dance Free were supported initially with a Data Audit workshop and Stakeholder Mapping workshop. This was followed with a focus group activity which provided Dance Free with a list of forthcoming events/expos that they could attend to promote their business further and also helped to provide insights into Dance Free’s marketing materials and the beta version of its website. This activity aided improvements being made to the website before its formal launch. This was supplemented further with some primary qualitative research in the form of surveys which provided insights into the Dance Free offer and the way it was being communicated online.

Plans for the future

Dance Free CIC will continue to grow its audience and types of events to retreats, cross regional activities and offer tailored sessions for specific groups including community groups, families, parties and workplace packages. There will also be an emphasis on integrating free-movement with art and nature through various workshops in the community. We will expand to cover a wider geography through training more facilitators to run regular Dance Free sessions across Lincolnshire and surrounding counties. We will continue to work in partnerships with health and wellbeing, heritage, art and culture organisations, including exploring accessible experiences for all such as online and chair free-movement dance sessions to people at home. We will be involved in important research building evidence for creative health solutions and green social prescribing working with the Universities of Lincoln and Derby. This research will create a toolkit for the Dance Free model to be shared as best practice on a national level.

LORIC has been a wonderful support for helping Dance Free CIC to understand and organise data systems, develop our website and promotional strategy and explore stakeholders. The knowledge and skills provided by LORIC have been critical to helping us grow over the last year. Thank you Linette.

Dance Free CIC