What is the Business?

Arion Training and Development Ltd have two key strands to their business. They have their training and development arm, which offers health and safety consultancy and the Arion shop, based in Sleaford which is a physical and online wholesaler selling a range of workwear, PPE and first aid supplies.
Arion Training.


Arion Training and Development Ltd have a diverse range of clients nationally. They diligently make sure that company staff are well protected with regards to fire regulations and health and safety, ensuring compliance with current legislations. They offer a range of training courses and have qualified consultants on hand 24/7 to assist with support and advice. In addition to their consultancy services, they offer first aid, fire risk assessments and health surveillance services.

How did LORIC help?

A data analysis workshop with key staff at Arion was undertaken, to work through the data that was currently being collected and to identify how this could be better utilised by both areas of the company. This was further supported in the afternoon with the delivery of a stakeholder mapping workshop to look at Arion’s key clients and their target market. In addition, key insights into Arion’s google analytics was provided in a summary report and a case study was crafted for them after an in-depth qualitative interview with one of their key clients, which can be utilised as a template in the future.

Plans for the future

Arion want to build on what we have started with LORIC. Our two key areas to explore further are our data and marketing strategy. In our time with LORIC we agreed on short, mid, and Long terms goals that we need to keep on top of and develop further as the company grows.

It was a pleasure to meet Linette at a local construction event. Linette very quickly understood how our company-operated and what we were looking for to move forward.

We enjoyed the workshops at LORIC, Linette and her colleague Katya were clearly very knowledgeable and got us to think about our company in ways we have not before.

Arion Training and Development Ltd