What is the business?

Acts Trust is a Lincoln-based business with a mission to end poverty. They have a number of initiatives which equip people with the necessary skills and knowledge to deal with issues surrounding poverty, such as mental health support and employment and debt advice. With further financial support, Acts Trust hopes to extend their list of initiatives and develop new projects for those facing crisis.


Acts Trust was founded by Alive Church in 2006. Their initiatives provide preventative support to help people deal with the issues surrounding poverty before reaching that crisis point. Through the Youth Work team, Acts Trust works to provide support early in life and maximise positive outcomes by working with young people in schools and community groups. They also have furniture and food relief projects to connect with people who are already at the point of crisis, and support them through difficult times.

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How did LORIC help?

Acts Trust became aware of LORIC when giving a presentation about their Lincoln Food Hub Initiative, which was attended by Kay, one of LORIC’s specialist advisers. From speaking with Kay, they were advised on which datasets would be useful to their business and how they can best show the impact of the charity, in order to make a business case for potential investors. LORIC supported Acts Trust in mapping the impact that they are having on people’s lives, as well as the difference that can be made through further financial investment.

Plans for the future

Using the advice and guidance provided by LORIC, Acts Trust hopes to find an investor to help develop current and future projects. These include the Lincoln Food Hub Initiative, a waste-food store and a retail outlet to support those who are most affected by poverty. They also plan to work with a business team, referred to them by LORIC, to improve their current business plan and bring in more revenue for the charity.

Speaking of the LORIC support, Chief Executive Simon Hoare said “I’d encourage more businesses who are looking to make their offer to investors more attractive, to access the support that LORIC has available.”

Visit the business website here: actstrust.org.uk

Download the Acts Trust Case study