So Smith. What exactly do you do in your fancy LORIC office I hear you say….

Well - I give you something for nothing. That’s right - NOTHING, ZILCH, NOWT, ZERO, FREE…..


Well I help businesses like yours make better use of their own data or I find information to help them make better decisions.

That could mean using your own customer or sales and marketing data to identify various trends - what sells best, how much are people spending, is the pricing right or are they responding to your adverts?

It could be you want to set up a new business, service or product or even grow an exiting business. What information do you need to decide if you can employ extra staff, open a new office or develop or expand in another way & if so where?

Do you know what your competitors are doing?

Do you know where there are gaps or opportunities that you could exploit?

Have there been any changes in your marketplace?

Maybe you want evidence to support a grant, loan or other funding application.

Or maybe you just need to craft a business plan - you have the idea but you need the evidence to support it?

It could just be that you’re well established but you want to make a plan for the next 5 years. What information do you need to help you make those strategic decisions?

There lots of reasons you may want some help to gather, analyse and interpret that information.

You may not know where to go or how to access that information.

Or it could just be that you don’t have the time, skill or capacity to pull the research together.

Well that’s what we do!

WE GIVE YOU 12 HOURS, FULLY FUNDED work, on just such a project.

We research, collate, analyse, interpret and present the information for you. You use it how you want - it’s yours. FREE, GRATIS, FOR NOTHING.

Now, isn’t that a deal worth exploring?

The ONLY catch - is that this offer is limited to businesses in SOUTH EAST LINCS -
South Holland
East Lindsey, or

If you’re in one of those areas - or you know someone in that area that could benefit, then please share or use the relevant link to submit an Expression of Interest and we’ll get in touch to discuss the next steps.



So that’s what I do - How’s that for a deal?


26th April 2024

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