Photo by Josh Power on Unsplash

What’s the business?

Founded in 1996 in Skegness, Ramco is a circular economy specialist providing businesses and government departments with a reuse solution for unwanted equipment. By finding value in unwanted assets, Ramco’s service reduces waste and the impact on the environment and generates a welcome financial return for clients.

Known for their long-standing partnerships with public sector organisations including the Ministry of Defence and blue light emergency services, Ramco provides a complete reuse solution from decommissioning, collection, and refurbishment, right through to storage, marketing, and sales.


Ramco was interested in learning more about the way public sector organisations approach their procurement for the disposal of large industrial assets so asked LORIC to conduct interviews with people working on asset disposal policies in the Higher Education sector. The research was designed to find out what they would like to see in terms of sustainable asset disposal and what they consider to be good practice in the sector.

How LORIC helped

Over the course of the project, LORIC conducted a series of phone interviews with key contacts provided to the team. The data was then analysed and collated into a report to set out the way assets are used and reused in the Higher Education sector. The research showed ways in which the sector is already working towards a more sustainable approach, as well as highlighting paths for improvement.

Moving forward

Ramco is on a mission to stop valuable assets sitting idle. Through their work, they help businesses and public sector organisations play their part in the circular economy by putting unwanted assets back into use – extending an item’s lifetime and spreading its carbon footprint from initial production over a longer period.


Ramco has a proven track record of supporting businesses in a range of sectors to reuse their unwanted equipment. We’re keen to do more work in the higher education sector, so LORIC’s support has helped us build deeper knowledge of the market and provided valuable insight into the way universities and colleges manage their surplus assets.

Paul Fieldhouse
Circular Economy Specialist at Ramco UK Ltd