What is the Business?

Alicorn Books is owned by E A Purle, a self-published author. He writes steampunk fantasy fiction and has released three novels.


E A Purle previously worked in technical theatre for 15 years. His work in the theatre industry sparked his creativity, and he released his first book, Firestone in 2021. He released Orbis, the second book in his series The Lore of Tellus, in 2022, and book three, Tempus is now available to pre-order.

How did LORIC Help?

LORIC provided research into potential events where Alicorn Books could hold a stall, including book festivals, comic-cons and sci-fi conventions. They also conducted research into crowdfunding for similar books via Kickstarter, helped to plan a Kickstarter campaign, and provided advice regarding social media channels.

Plans For The Future

Following the support of LORIC, E A Purle wants to continue his series of books and further grow his business by visiting more author events and sharing more articles through social media.


EA Purle market